Augustine Paul

Musician & Conductor

Who I Am

AugustinePaulAugustine Paul is the Music Director of the 118-year-old Madras Musical Association Choir. He is the founder-leader of the Octet Cantabile, a double mixed quartet. He directs music for the annual Christmas musical of the “Mellow Circle”. The Madras-based musician is the faculty Chief of Pro Musicals, a music school presenting students for the TCL and ABRSM exams.

He holds a Licentiate Diploma in Music from Trinity College, London (L.Mus TCL) and a Master’s degree in English Literature.

He works in the studios as a choral music conductor and arranger and has worked extensively with Indian music greats like Ilayaraja and the Oscar-winning A R Rahman. He has done a concert tour of the U.S. and Malaysia with the Octet Cantabile. The Octet performs various kinds of music from classical to the modern and has been singing together for the past 16 years. The Madras Musical Association is the oldest choir in the country and the 80 strong choir is versatile and has a wide repertoire. Augustine has performed with and conducted the choir in concerts in the UK, Australia and Italy.

Augustine is a full-time music teacher teaching singing, piano and theory of music. Many well- known singers and young music directors have worked with him to sharpen their skills. Augustine Paul regularly conducts music and choral workshops in various cities of South India and has judged numerous Choral and singing competitions in the country. He has judged the 2010 Sri Lankan Choral competition along with International adjudicators.